How To Download And Install Visual Basic 6.0

In this Article we will learn , How to Download and Install Visual Basic 6.0

Step 1. For downloading the Visual Basic 6.0 , go through the link given below:


Step 2 . Click On Download

After Download

Step. 3 go to downlaod File and click on Visual Basic 6.0

then click on SETUP

After This Step

  1. Click On Next
  2. I accept the agreement
  3. enter your name , company – anything like xyz @ , Product id – enter any no After enter the deatils Click On Next
  4. Tick On the Box … Update Microsoft Virtual Machine For Java
  5. Clcik on Next
  6. Start Installing Componet : Java Virtual Machine
  7. Click On Install This Feature
  8. installing Start

After that

  1. .reboot the system click on ok
  2. Restarting You Pc
  3. After Restart Your Pc Again Open Visual Basic 6.0 file and click on setup
  4. Custom and click Next
  5. next
  6. starting V S 6.0 setup wait
  7. click on continue
  8. ok
  9. continue
  10. tick register enviroment variables

Just a few more steps until we’re done.

  • Click On Yes
  • checking Your Disk Space
  • after checking Ds installation Start
  • Allow acces
  • click Ok

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