What Is the Best Programming Language to Learn in 2021 ?

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There’s no clear answer on which coding language is best. Each has its pros and cons and shines in different situations. But when it comes to specific categories, there are a few clear winners. These are the best languages for:

Best Programming Language to Learn in 2021
  • Beginners: For the absolute easiest languages to learn, even if you have no experience at all, start with HTML/CSS, Go, Ruby, PHP, or Python.
  • Web developers: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are a necessity for frontend developers. Backend developers should look into Ruby, Python, PHP, and Go. And, of course, SQL for database management.


  • Software developers: C++ is undoubtedly the most powerful. But don’t overlook Rust, Python, Scala, or C#. It all depends on the software you’re building.



  • Mobile developers: Swift is best for iOS, and Kotlin for Android. But general-purpose languages like C++ and Java can work well too.


  • High salary: Swift, Rust, Scala, Kotlin, and Go all help you earn about $100k/year, with Scala and Go generating the highest salaries.


  • Popularity: Python is highly popular, and considering its versatility, it stands to stay at the top for a long time. JavaScript, Java, C#, and C++ are also quite popular themselves.


  • Flexibility: C++ might be the giant in flexibility, but Rust, Java, Scala, Kotlin, and Python all work well cross-platform and in various situations.



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