What is the Tor Browser? and How To Use Tor Browser

Tor Browser is an Internet browser which helps us to be unknown in the Internet world.
it is a open-source software for which we will not pay money.

In the world of tor browser, there is a private server which communicates privately, it is very difficult to track the tor browser as it hides your IP address so that you don’t have any identity. with the help of tor-browser, you can safely use the internet as your information will not be shared anywhere else.

using tor browser you can go to the dark web where all the inverse straight work happens, however it is illegal but if you are using so that your data would not be stolen then you can use it.

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How To use Tor Browser :-

You Can Download Tor Browser From Your Phone’s Google Play Store Or App Store.

Follow The Following Steps To Download Tor Browser.
  1. Open Play Store And Type Tor Browser.
  2. Then Tor Browser , The Tor Project Will Appear.
  3. Tap On Install.
  4. After Installing Tap On Open Then Tap On Connect.
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